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Hi People!

Just here with a quick update as to what’s been going on recently. After recovering from my summer bout of illness I am feeling much better and more rested now, especially since I have cut down dramatically the amount of work I’m doing. My working hours are much easier for me to handle now, and it leaves me free to pursue other things … which I’m loving!

I’ve got a few music related things coming up which you can check out on my facebook pages and on my myspace page if you want more details. In a nutshell I’ve got a radio interview and songs at Cross rhythms, plus a couple of slots at some coming music/band nights. I also have an awards ceremony to perform at in a few weeks, as a music exam I took had the highest result in the region! Which means I get to perform and be presented with a trophy!! Exciting stuff!

I am thinking about the next musical project as well … so watch this space!


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