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Hello there people!

Hope life is going well for you all, Mine is going o.k at the moment.

I’m slightly frustrated at the lack of opportunity and the brick walls I keep hitting when it comes to music performance and album sales. As you’ll know if you’ve been up to date with my blogging, we spent a lot of money which we couldn’t afford on making ‘exactly where I am’. The launch of the album coincided with me being quite ill, so I was unable to promote it at the various events I was supposed to be at, this must have had an effect on sales. Also Wesley Owen kindly offered to sell the album at the Keswick Convention, they sold a lot of stock, then went into administration. We may never be paid the money for the c.d’s purchased there. So we are significantly out of pocket!

It seems so unfair (and I know I sound like a child when I say that) we took a financial risk we couldn’t afford, and through no fault of our own, circumstances have decided to be against us. What was the point? We took a step of faith and it seems there was no solid ground to walk on. I’m really hoping and praying that things turn around, I am so reluctant now to pursue music further, and in the same way – as it seems to be not worth it.

I am questioning whether I ever had it right when I thought music was the path God had for me. Yet his leading seemed so clear to me – when I think back on it … it still seems crystal clear. So why does it seem so futile? Maybe it’s the case that my time has been and gone (in terms of music). I hope it’s not the case but circumstances seem to indicate it’s the end.

One or two people are telling me not to give up – to keep investing in it, but I’ve already given so much to it (time energy and money!) – I don’t want to keep giving myself to ‘flogging a dead horse’ if you know what I mean. AaAArrrggghhhh!!

Anyway, I didn’t come on here for a whinge!!

Positive things …….

Cutting down on work has given me much more time and freedom to write/record and spend time talking to God – which has been brilliant. My less busy life is much calmer and less stressed out. Which is exactly what we need!!

In general I’m loving life, and God, and Church – it’s just frustrating that musical opportunity seems to be a little dried up!

Having said that, I have got a few gigs coming up – check out my events box! I’ve a jazz/soul night in London in Feb, plus two private gigs (which aren’t posted) in the next few months. A festival in June and I’m playing at the Rainton meadows arena for an event in March. If any of you can make any of those I’d really appreciate the support, or if you think your Church might like to have me as a guest for Singer/songwriter loveliness, or for a bit of jazz and soul, contact me!!

I have information, songs, videos and methods of contacting me on:

Please, if you have the time, go and check out these pages – if you like what you see/hear – spread the word!!



Maxwell commented on June 13th, 2010 at 7:51 AM:

I can understand your frustrations but let me tell you, don’t change that thought about singing for God. Your music has been a very big blessing to me and my family. We have been so blessed by your songs that we have also blessed others with it. No matter what the current situation looks like, just remember please don’t let that fire in you go low, we are all connected together in Christ, your songs are seeing us through our own situation. Only God knows what He would have done, if He didn’t give you these songs. Your songs minister his love, hope and blessing of who we are in Christ. I know God has already started something great in you and He is faithful to complete it in Jesus name.

Jayne commented on June 14th, 2010 at 9:51 AM:

Thanks for that Maxwell …… I appreciate your encouraging words. If you read my latest blog you’ll see things seem to be picking up a bit lately. Thankfully! Take care

Sophia Monk commented on October 25th, 2010 at 8:19 PM:

Jayne, these trials we face are because Satan is scared of God’s power working through us, he knows that God is in control of our lives and loves to try to interfere. The solution (as I’m sure you already know) is to step even closer to God through prayer and praise whic it looks like you have been given the opportunity to do by having a bit less work at the moment. You have certainly not ‘had your time’ yet, there is so much more that God wants to do through your music (I really feel that). It truly gives oodles of blessings to me and my family (Adam – now 16! and Ethan – 13! both also know all the songs on “OS” by heart). My personal favourite is “Fragile Dreams”. I have read your other blogs and I am pleased to see that things are ‘on the up’, maybe giving that ‘giant’ to God made a difference? Lots of love and virtual hugs. Sophia x

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