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Well hello there Folks, It’s been a while since I’ve updated you all on what’s going on in the life of Jayne Lewis! So here I am.

Firstly I’m thankful that since my last entry here, I’ve had a fair few more ‘gig’ opportunities, which I’ve really enjoyed. It’s been great to be doing more in terms of performance – I’m happy and grateful for that. If you want to know what I’ve been doing, and what’s coming up – check my events page and myspace/facebook pages too. If you can get along to any of the events/gigs, please do come – it’d be great to see you there!

A recent highlight was the CCCF rally in Malvern (Worcestershire). Where (joined by Phil on bass) I played to a bunch of lovely people, some of my own stuff, and some covers too, it was fun to make the audience my ‘backing choir’ too for one of the songs. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was so touched by how we were received there.

I’m also rehearsing regularly with my own band now, which is great! I have Phil on bass and Dave on drums, and we’re looking into possibilities with a guitarist/backing singer too. It’s all working fairly well so far, I’m feeling very blessed ‘musically’ speaking at the moment!

Also there’s been a few new songs recently too, which you can hear rough demo’s of on myspace or on my facebook ‘music’ page. It’s so great to have more positive things to report!

It’s also been two years now since Phil and I got married – it’s FLOWN by!

Marriage is both a blessing and a trial, the majority of the time it’s a huge blessing to me though …… the few times of trial (which I’m assured all marriages go through) are generally just down to mood/attitude/self centeredness – or are due to external factors. Going through those times and being vulnerable enough to remove ‘masks’, and be absolutely real with another person, is scary – but it’s also liberating to be that real with someone, yet be loved and accepted in spite of what you reveal.

I mentioned AGES ago that there were some exciting things possibly in the pipeline, that I didn’t want to say too much about – incase it didn’t happen. Well one of those things I can now reveal!

I have been teaching for 11 years now, and have been entering students for voice/piano exams for about 7 years. Whenever I go to the exams with my students I always envy the examiner. I Think to myself …. “How lovely it must be for you to sit there all day and be played to/performed to/sung to …. for you to be able to encourage the student by crediting them for all they did that was brilliant … to give constructive feedback on areas they can improve …. I’d love your job!”

Well, after an interview with the London College of Music – that job is closer to being mine! I am now an ‘Examiner in Training’ and provided I complete the training satisfactorily – i will be an examiner! Whoop! I’m very excited!

Healthwise things are picking up too, I’m having a healthier 2010 so far. Just a couple of blips on the health radar so far this year – I’m so thankful for that. It’s awful feeling poorly for most of the time – so I’m glad to be freer of that at the moment …. I’m praying it continues!

Another exciting thing is that I’ve started up a Vocal Project in my local area. It’s not a ‘choir’ (the word choir summons negative stereotypes for some people) it’s called Dawdon Vocal Project (DVP). I started it up, obviously because I LOVE singing and vocal harmony, but also because this area (the physical area where I live) is a bit rough and worn down. There are a lot of derelict houses, police riot van visits, people up to no good etc etc – you get the idea.

I wanted to set something up that would get people away from the T.V, out of their homes, meeting new people and gaining a sense of self esteem, and doing something positive, fun, and affirming. So far it’s going GREAT!! I was so worried the first week that no-one would come – there were twenty five people there!! Numbers have dropped a bit but there’s still enough to make a beautiful sound. I’m so glad, and so proud of how well they’re all doing.

I think that’s enough info for now – check out my other pages, I’ve been updating things, also check out myspace and facebook to hear some of my more recent ‘creations’.

Thanks for reading – be in touch

Jayne =^)

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