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Hi there folks,

Hope you are all happy and well!  Thought I’d fill you all in on what’s being going on – it’s been a while!

Firstly, since winning that contest a few months ago – the gig’s have been coming in steadily – so I’m busier performing – which is great!  Keep an eye on my various pages for details of my concerts/gigs.

I had a mad week a few weeks back where I had 8 performances in 7 days! It was so busy – but good!  One of the performances was at the Keswick Convention – I was so pleased to be there after missing out last year because of the swine flu!

I performed ‘Forever Yours’ solo, in the evening meeting to a packed tent (Approx 3,000 people).  I‘ve never played piano and sung one of my own songs, and done it alone, in front of that many people – my hands were shaking so badly! It went really well though – judging by the applause.

Then it was off to the Youth tent to play a song there – for which I had my band with me.  It was our first public performance as a band (I usually just perform solo) and it was well received – poor Dave (drummer) had to use a left handed kit though!  He did very well!

We had a gig the following afternoon (with Dave on a normal kit!), which went well despite having to use ‘in ear’ monitors (which I hate – it’s like performing in a box – sound wise speaking!).  People seemed to enjoy it, and also the gig at Sweeney’s (Jazz/easy listening) was very well attended and went very well!

So things are looking up on the music/performance side of things!

Also, I mentioned ages and ages ago, that exciting things were happening and I didn’t want to give details, just incase it fell through.  Well, as I suspected, so far one of those things is just a ‘dangling carrot’ for the moment (but I will NOT give up!).  However, one of the other things has happened!  I was looking into becoming an examiner for the London College of Music, I had an interview, had some training ……. and I was appointed!  I am still going to have some further training to get more experience on a wider variety of instruments – but I’m an examiner now!  It’s scary, daunting, hard work but I’ve a feeling I’m going to LOVE IT!

I went to Holland just a couple of weeks ago too, volunteering as an additional youth leader on our Church youth mission trip.  It was an experience!!  I used to be a youth leader in the church years ago, but then had to drop out due to other commitments.  This was my first real involvement with youth work since then.

The first big surprise was that we had to cycle everywhere.  We did not know this in advance, so the unfit among us were a little shocked.  Thankfully Holland is flat! So the cycling wasn’t too much of a trial, except everything is on the wrong side of the road and the road markings are different and hard to understand!

The activities in the week were varied and mostly fun, although the pace was a little tough, very long and tiring days!  I got ill after a few days and had to spend a couple of days in bed – which was so frustrating, I felt so ill and useless.  Thankfully I recovered quickly and was able to join in for the last couple of days.

We met some great people and saw some lovely places.  I also got to know our young people a little better – they are a really good bunch.  I was really impressed with them, we can learn a lot from them …..

Anyway, life is busy and I’ve ranted for long enough, I have to go and work on my new e.p/mini album – watch this space!

Take care


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