Jan 2011

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Hi there People!

I hope life is well for you all and that you are looking forward to a happy and healthy 2011!

I know, once again it’s been too long – Sorry!  It’s been a very busy time since my last entry on here.  I’ve had lots of performances, work, and other things on – which has taken up a lot of my time!

I haven’t even had time to update my sites with all of the gigs I’ve been doing, I really need to try and keep on top of that this year.

Christmas and New Year were great for us – nice and chilled, with family and good friends – as it should be!

The singing group I set up about a year ago, Dawdon Vocal Project, had its first performance just before Christmas – they were very good, I was so pleased – as were they.  They made a brilliant sound and even have wedding bookings now!

Our lovely cat ‘Ella’ sadly went to sleep at the end of October – which was horrible and very sad for us – I still miss her.   She was a funny, lovely and quirky cat, but a poorly girl towards the end.  I hope she’s resting peacefully now.

For Christmas we got a Tibetan terrier, who we named ‘Holly’, she’s a character and she’s lovely.  We’re happy to have her in the family, ‘Billy’ (our Greyhound) is mildly amused by her I think.  Well he’s happier about her than he was about the cat anyway!

Church is going through a massive time of adjustment at the moment – we have lost all three of our pastors and our Worship team co-ordinator.  Myself and another guy from church have agreed to look after the music team for the moment – but everything is really up in the air right now.  Although it’s all confusing, it is a potentially very exciting time of change for the church.  I’m praying that the future will be full of Godly purpose, passion and integrity for Bethany – and also for those who have left us to pursue God’s purposes for them elsewhere.

For 2011, I’m hoping for good health (of body and soul), a great year of music making, stability for our church, and above all else – to know and love God more.

As always – keep an eye on …




For music, photos, videos and gig listings.  You can contact me via any of these pages for any more information.

Thanks for reading and keep in touch!


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