The latest news, May 2011

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Hi everybody!

In a nutshell, as briefly as I can put it – Here’s the news!!! (I will elaborate etc when I’ve got a little more time but here’s the jist of it for now!)

Firstly, check my websites, and  To hear new music and to see pictures, and videos.

Wait a couple of days though, as I’m about to do some updating on these sites!

There are two things I want to draw your attention to ….

Firstly, I have a new album coming out in July 2011!

It is called ‘the ordinary things’ and is an album which I have produced and written myself.  It contains songs which are about the ordinary everyday things, and experiences, we all come across.  It is not so much an overtly spiritual album (as my previous two were), though there are obvious Christian references and influence. It is more of a look at the normal everyday experiences and feelings which are common to man.


The album will be £8 to buy (incl p&p), and you can buy when it is out, via my website (it’s not on the site yet though – it will be in July!).   Or even better – pre-order now, by emailing me via any of my sites.  It will also be on sale at the Keswick convention this summer (though it would be better if you buy it from me personally!)

Secondly, I am writing a short book!

It is untitled at the moment but it is basically a 30 day devotional book AND a journal in one!  A devotional journal! When I was in my late teens I found that most of the devotional material I came across was either not challenging, or too academic/theological for me.  For about 10 years I have wanted to write something that would challenge, inspire and build up young Christian women.  Now is the time I’ve finally decided to do it!

Writing (other than songwriting) is a very new venture for me, so that’s why I’m keeping this book short – if it gets a good response – I’ll write some more!

I have always found journaling my thoughts, prayers and responses to Biblical teaching – a very useful and affirming thing to do.  So I wanted to combine a devotional time with a time of reflection, in this little book.

The book will be out in July and will be £5. You can buy from the website In July, or pre-order now by getting back to me.  This will also be available at Keswick – again it’s better to buy from me personally!

Anyway, I think that’s enough from me for now – do get back to me to pre-order your albums or to order devotional journals for the young Christian women you know!

I’ll look forward to hearing from you, and I hope you are all happy and well!

Take care


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