Update – May 2012!

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Hi there Peeps,

Just here to update you on a few things!  I am going to post a series of video blogs online (youtube/facebook/jaynelewis.com).  These blogs are basically me explaining my songs and performing them too!  I will be posting one song a week until I run out of material!!  So, if you like my music and want to know more about it – keep your cyber eyes on my sites!

I hope all is well in your world.  Things in my world are as busy as ever but it’s all good!  Had a few gigs lately, and a few more coming in at the moment so things there are ticking along o.k!  I could always fit some more in though, so if you know of anyone who is looking for some music for an event – point them in my direction please?!

I am going to make a point of updating my blog/website etc more regularly from now on.  I aim to update my cyber world hopefully twice a month – but at the least – once a month.  So feel free to keep checking all the Jayne Lewis ‘portals’ more regularly!


You can find me and my music at


www.jaynelewis.com  –  Information/videos/music store

www.jayneylewis.bandcamp.com   – to listen to, and buy all my music

www.facebook.com/pages/Jayne-Lewis/56643954569  – where you’ll also find my weekly video blog



I rarely visit myspace anymore though so you’re more likely to contact me and keep up to date via facebook or my .com site.

You can also search ‘Jayne Lewis Music’ on youtube too, there are lots of videos there!

Aside from gigging, I’ve been recording some more music in my studio.  Both for myself, and with some of my highly talented voice pupils.  Love it!  If you want to hear any of it – go to bandcamp …. it’s all there!

Apart from that I’ve been doing my usual voice and piano tuition and more examining work this last term – which I love!  Life is going to get more busy in this coming year though, I feel another exciting chapter opening up for us.  Can’t wait!

As always, living with M.E/C.F.S poses a permanent challenge and drain of my energy.  I’m not complaining though, as I manage to function fairly well for the most part.  Though if I try to do too much – I really know about it for weeks afterwards!  I just have to be careful and pace myself to avoid the ‘boom and bust’ syndrome.

My first book, ‘Inspired, Challenged, Devoted’ was received very well last summer and sold out at the keswick convention!  I was over the moon, lots more were ordered after the convention too –  I have very few left now, so get ordering at www.jaynelewis.com if you don’t want to miss out!  I may even try to write another one before the summer is out!

So, keep in touch – keep visiting my sites for the latest news and music, and of course – to check out my series of video blogs!

Take Care


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