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O.K, O.K, O.K …….. I KNOW!!! It’s been forever since I’ve been keeping you in the loop and updating all my various web spaces.  I feel bad about it, especially after I promised to update at least once a month!

I hope that once you’ve read this you will understand and forgive my neglect!

Life has literally been turned upside down since May this year.

God really took hold of me afresh in May, a spiritual encounter that I can’t really explain – but it was very real, and I had a distinct sense that things were going to be ‘shook up’.  They were.

God led Phil and I to Dorset! I KNOW! Crazy times!

This is how it happened; I had a phone call from a good friend of mine, who read me out a job description over the phone.  It was an advert for a music minister in a church.  The job description was everything I do and everything I love, you’d think it was written with me in mind.

I had been praying and hoping for an opportunity like this for as long as I had known that singing and music were my ministry.  So I had been waiting for 20 years!!

I almost disregarded the whole thing – but something in me wouldn’t allow me to let it go.  I decided to get some more information about the post, and after much praying and a phone call to the minister there – I decided to apply.

My interview lasted 3 hours and 15 minutes, it all seemed very positive and my visit to the church only brought feelings of welcome, positivity, and a resounding ‘Yes’ from both Phil and myself.

We had prayed so much into this and every answer seemed to be so clear, that this was God’s direction for us.  Anyway, after about a week I heard from the church minister, who offered me the position!

So, as of September, I have been serving as ‘minister of music’ at St Nicholas church, Corfe Mullen.

Corfe Mullen is a lovely little village in Dorset, not far from Poole and Bournemouth.  Which is the reason why I almost disregarded the position completely.

I didn’t want to move so far away from home.  We had plans to become foster carers for Sunderland Council (which we would have been approved by now and fostering!). Phil was happy in his job and had recently been promoted, I was happy running my own teaching business and was very attached to my students after teaching them for many years.  We also didn’t want to leave the D.V.P community choir, which I had set up a couple of years ago.  We both miss all those special people.

We did not plan to have our lives turned upside down like this, or to move away, but God had other plans.  We were quite happy doing what we were doing, exactly where we were – but – God made His direction clear and we just had to go.

It was horrible to say goodbye to very much-loved friends and family, and to leave a church that I have been part of for 26 years – but it had to be done.

We have been here living in Bournemouth for 2 months now and honestly – though we miss people and places – we have no regrets.  We are so happy because we know 100% that we are where God wants us to be.

He has provided for us in amazing ways.  We had no money for moving, and the costs of deposits etc on our new place in Bournemouth – were extortionate.  What we had to pay up front just for our new rented house, would have paid the mortgage at home for a year!  What we paid for our house on a monthly basis wouldn’t get you a shed here – honestly the prices here are unbelievable. God heard our prayers though – and we were given money which paid those fees in total.  We were also given the money to pay the removal company.  Honestly – we were facing an impossible task and God made it possible.  From heavens perspective our problems probably look much smaller than from our perspective.  No doubt – He provided for our very real needs.  We are so thankful.

We still had a problem though, as Phil had not yet been able to find a job down here and we could not afford to pay to keep a roof over our heads with only my salary.  So we took a terrifying step in coming down here, knowing we’d potentially be unable to pay our way.  God had that in his hands also – and within a month here – Phil was working.  Thanks be to God!! (see, I sound like an Anglican already!!)

There are countless other ‘little’ things which have been provided, fixed, and assured by God.  It’s been quite a journey and we feel so thankful, and so very enamored with our new church and the new home we have.  I finally feel I can fully exercise the ministry which God has been preparing me for, and so far I am feeling so blessed – even when it’s been hard.  Phil is also loving the new church and is getting fully involved there.

It’s been a massive upheaval in so many ways, but it has taught us so much already in terms of faith and reliance on God.  We do miss people we love a lot, and even though Dorset is beautiful – my favorite place is Seaham – and I miss it.

So that’s it!  It’s only the tip of the iceberg but it gives you an idea of why I’ve been ‘missing’ from cyber updating!  I aim to get back on top of it and be more regular in my updates.

Hope life is happy and good for all of you.


Geoffrey Darkins commented on November 2nd, 2013 at 8:12 PM:

Hello Jayne
This is my new Email address and replaces the other one that you currently have for me.
I would very much like to purchase your new CD when it is released.
I need to know payment details please.
Read your news about leaving your current position and pray that God will led you to a position that you find suitable and where you can use the talents that He has given you and also where you feel happy.
Also read your news about your medical condition and that the doctors you are under now think that they might be able to treat it better so enabling you to perhaps lead a more normal lifestyle and make up for all those missing years.
This could be one of the reasons that God sent you down south to see different doctors to help you get your life make on track.
Praying for you both for the future that you will know the plans that God has for you and how He can use you both in His ongoing ministry.
God Bless
Geoffrey Darkins
Phone no. 01244 544434.
Mobile no. 07714580077

Jayne commented on June 7th, 2015 at 1:17 PM:


I have been doing some admn on my site today, and saw that you posted this comment a very long time ago – I am so sorry, I just saw it today! Thanks so much for your concern and prayers – I appreciate it. If you want to buy any of my cd’s or my book you can do this on my ‘store’ page – or email me via the contact page and we can sort it out. I hope and pray you are well – thanks again for taking the time to contact me!

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