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Well hello there folks!

It’s been a while since I updated you – so here I am!  I hope all is happy and well in your world, it’s hectic and ‘up and down’ in mine but that’s life!

Since moving to Dorset we have quickly realised that we have come to a church community that is very genuinely loving, caring and encouraging – which is lovely!  We genuinely feel part of a ‘family’ which is a big plus as we are so far from our actual flesh and blood family and lifelong friends!

We miss home, the places, the security and most of all – the people, but we definitely feel we are making a home for ourselves here.

Life as a music minister feels like what I was born to do.  That doesn’t mean that it has no frustrations or down sides – because it does, but the overwhelming sense that God led us here and has a strong purpose in it, is the thing that keeps me focussed when the frustrations get a bit too much.

Overall, I am LOVING it.

The main ‘down side’ for us personally has involved illness really.  Phil has been quite poorly a few times since we moved, which is unlike him.  I’ve generally been fitter but have still had a few bouts of nasty viruses – particularly recently.  Hopefully these things will diminish and we’ll have consistent good health for a while.

It’s also hard to hear of difficulties that our Northern friends/family are facing, when we are so far away.  It’s really hard to know how to be by someone’s side when you’re separated by hundreds of miles.  Certainly makes you rely a lot more on Prayer.

In terms of music, I’m obviously getting stuck in to music making at my church, we have two bands and an Organist, a church singing ensemble called ‘One Voice’ and a community vocal ensemble called ‘Corfe Communnity Singers’, plus we have started to run a monthly acoustic music night at the church run coffee shop.  On top of that I’ve just got my first buskers license and I need to work out if I dare use it!

I have some potentially exciting news coming up but I wont reveal anything until it’s confirmed …. Watch this space!

I will be singing at the Keswick Convention again this year, leading worship with the rest of the team alongside Steve James for week one!  I really am looking forward to it.  I will also be performing in concert in the main tent during that week – so keep your eyes peeled for more updates on that!

Anyway – I think I’ll leave it at that for now … Might post a video in a mo! How exciting!

Take care


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