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Well hello there…..

I know, I’m rubbish at keeping things up to date on here and there is lots to tell – so here I am with part 1 of 2 updates.

I thought I’d start with the Keswick Convention.  I was back there this year leading the music with Steve James.  It was an incredible year this year.  I was in a place personally where God had really been tearing the lid off a lot of issues for me.  So I was in a confused and, I guess, a slightly broken place in some respects.

God has been turning things upside down and re-opening ‘closed books’ for me since we moved to Dorset, He’s shaken up everything I thought we (Phil and I) knew.  It has been unsettling, terrifying, exciting and ultimately liberating – all at once!  It’s a journey I’m still on but I know it will end in freedom – total and real freedom.

At Keswick, through the preaching and music, God continued to push my buttons – which was very emotional for me and I found it quite hard, but He carried me through it and brought along a couple of great people to talk to me and encourage me.   By the end of the week I was strengthened, renewed and the batteries had been re-charged.  I also had a new resolve that things were going to be different.  They have been.

Musically and in terms of music and Worship, the convention was such a welcome change for me.  Working with the musicians and team there is always just great – I am blessed to have such wonderful opportunities to work with such spirited and talented people who just want to Worship, and to take others with them.

The live worship CD from this year is out now and it’s just brilliant ….. I recommend you buy it!

In other news, Phil changed his job over the summer, and he’s very happy in his new job – which is good.

We’ve had visits from our ‘besties’ from up north too, which has been really great as we miss our pals a LOT.

Family members have been down to visit as well – which is always good!

As always, I’m bursting with ideas about new recordings – just need to get off my backside and do something about it now!  My time is freeing up now so hopefully I’ll be able to concentrate more on that – but more about that in part 2 of my update!

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