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Oct ’13 update – part 2!

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So… here’s part 2 of my October update.  Just forgot to mention in part 1 that I ended up being invited back to the Keswick convention for a day in week two, to sing with none other than Stuart Townend!  It was fun!

The other sort of major life changing stuff that has been going on is in terms of health and work really.

I left my job as ‘Minister of Music’ at St Nicholas Church, Corfe Mullen, and actually – today was my last day!  I have worked there since September 2012, and over the past year and 2 months it has become increasingly clear that I should not be there.  It wouldn’t be right for me to go into all the details, but I will say that some things have been a very real and deep struggle – which is thankfully now over.

In terms of the people, and music making – I will be very sad to leave.  The congregation are such warm and genuinely loving people, who have been very encouraging of the work I’ve been involved with there.  I’m grateful for that.  The vocal ensembles I’ve set up will hopefully continue as they started and continue to grow in musicianship and love of singing.  I will miss the people I’ve worked with dearly and will take the friendship with me.  I have only good wishes for all the continued music making at St Nic’s, and for all the wonderful people who go there.

It will be strange getting up on Sunday morning and not going to St Nic’s, I bet the car tries to take us there anyway!

It’s exciting though to think we’ll get to visit a few new churches in Bournemouth and Poole and find our spiritual home here.

A few people have wondered if we would be going back ‘home’.  At the moment, there are no plans to move back.  We are settled here (although I’m slightly unsettled in work!), Phil loves Dorset and his new job, and I really like it here as well – plus moving here has opened a lot more opportunities for me.

Anyone who knows me well knows I’ve always suffered to some degree with ill health.   I’ve suffered under a diagnosis of M.E/CFS for many years.  Sometimes it’s bearable and I get on with things and anyone looking on wouldn’t have a clue as to how wiped/exhausted and ‘foggy’ I feel.  Other times I feel so bad and ill I can’t get out of bed for weeks at a time.  Thankfully, it doesn’t get that severe too often.

There are many other quirky health problems which require the supervision of various hospital consultants.  When we moved to Dorset just over a year ago, I obviously had to be referred to ‘southern’ consultants in ‘southern’ hospitals.  New eyes upon me led to new ideas about my various ‘issues’ (medically speaking …. cheeky!).  I have been backwards and forwards to hospital for tests and appointments more times in this past year than I have in the past 5 years in Sunderland.

They have discovered that the possibility is that I don’t have M.E/CFS at all.  I DO have a condition called AGHD (Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency) and guess what – the symptoms are practically identical to M.E/CFS and also account for a few other things too.  I am now on treatment and hopefully within a month or two I’ll be feeling normal – which is exciting as I have no memory of what that feels like!

Part of me is angry and upset that my ‘Northern’ consultants didn’t look into this, especially as I had GHD as a child.  I have lost substantial quality of life, and the ability to work a ‘normal’ ‘full time’ job for all my 20’s and half of my 30’s.  This really bothers me …. BUT …. now I hope and pray that the future will be different.  If this treatment makes the difference I hope it will – then I have the chance of a future I’d never been able to picture before.  It’s thrilling and liberating (and a little scary too!).

There are other things related to health where God is totally tearing apart what we thought we knew …. It’s confusing and scary but ultimately – it’s good.  Please keep us in your prayers!

In terms of the next steps, I will be taking on more private tuition in Bournemouth.  I’m directing 1 choir already and am starting up 2 new ones from scratch in the next few weeks.  I’m also hoping to do more gigging now that my time is less restricted – it’s all good and exciting.

Please keep us in your prayers as God leads us on.

Thanks for reading!



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news – Oct ’13 part 1

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Well hello there…..

I know, I’m rubbish at keeping things up to date on here and there is lots to tell – so here I am with part 1 of 2 updates.

I thought I’d start with the Keswick Convention.  I was back there this year leading the music with Steve James.  It was an incredible year this year.  I was in a place personally where God had really been tearing the lid off a lot of issues for me.  So I was in a confused and, I guess, a slightly broken place in some respects.

God has been turning things upside down and re-opening ‘closed books’ for me since we moved to Dorset, He’s shaken up everything I thought we (Phil and I) knew.  It has been unsettling, terrifying, exciting and ultimately liberating – all at once!  It’s a journey I’m still on but I know it will end in freedom – total and real freedom.

At Keswick, through the preaching and music, God continued to push my buttons – which was very emotional for me and I found it quite hard, but He carried me through it and brought along a couple of great people to talk to me and encourage me.   By the end of the week I was strengthened, renewed and the batteries had been re-charged.  I also had a new resolve that things were going to be different.  They have been.

Musically and in terms of music and Worship, the convention was such a welcome change for me.  Working with the musicians and team there is always just great – I am blessed to have such wonderful opportunities to work with such spirited and talented people who just want to Worship, and to take others with them.

The live worship CD from this year is out now and it’s just brilliant ….. I recommend you buy it!

In other news, Phil changed his job over the summer, and he’s very happy in his new job – which is good.

We’ve had visits from our ‘besties’ from up north too, which has been really great as we miss our pals a LOT.

Family members have been down to visit as well – which is always good!

As always, I’m bursting with ideas about new recordings – just need to get off my backside and do something about it now!  My time is freeing up now so hopefully I’ll be able to concentrate more on that – but more about that in part 2 of my update!

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video blog 4 – Hold on

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Hello again

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Well hello there folks!

It’s been a while since I updated you – so here I am!  I hope all is happy and well in your world, it’s hectic and ‘up and down’ in mine but that’s life!

Since moving to Dorset we have quickly realised that we have come to a church community that is very genuinely loving, caring and encouraging – which is lovely!  We genuinely feel part of a ‘family’ which is a big plus as we are so far from our actual flesh and blood family and lifelong friends!

We miss home, the places, the security and most of all – the people, but we definitely feel we are making a home for ourselves here.

Life as a music minister feels like what I was born to do.  That doesn’t mean that it has no frustrations or down sides – because it does, but the overwhelming sense that God led us here and has a strong purpose in it, is the thing that keeps me focussed when the frustrations get a bit too much.

Overall, I am LOVING it.

The main ‘down side’ for us personally has involved illness really.  Phil has been quite poorly a few times since we moved, which is unlike him.  I’ve generally been fitter but have still had a few bouts of nasty viruses – particularly recently.  Hopefully these things will diminish and we’ll have consistent good health for a while.

It’s also hard to hear of difficulties that our Northern friends/family are facing, when we are so far away.  It’s really hard to know how to be by someone’s side when you’re separated by hundreds of miles.  Certainly makes you rely a lot more on Prayer.

In terms of music, I’m obviously getting stuck in to music making at my church, we have two bands and an Organist, a church singing ensemble called ‘One Voice’ and a community vocal ensemble called ‘Corfe Communnity Singers’, plus we have started to run a monthly acoustic music night at the church run coffee shop.  On top of that I’ve just got my first buskers license and I need to work out if I dare use it!

I have some potentially exciting news coming up but I wont reveal anything until it’s confirmed …. Watch this space!

I will be singing at the Keswick Convention again this year, leading worship with the rest of the team alongside Steve James for week one!  I really am looking forward to it.  I will also be performing in concert in the main tent during that week – so keep your eyes peeled for more updates on that!

Anyway – I think I’ll leave it at that for now … Might post a video in a mo! How exciting!

Take care


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Here is some quite BIG news!

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O.K, O.K, O.K …….. I KNOW!!! It’s been forever since I’ve been keeping you in the loop and updating all my various web spaces.  I feel bad about it, especially after I promised to update at least once a month!

I hope that once you’ve read this you will understand and forgive my neglect!

Life has literally been turned upside down since May this year.

God really took hold of me afresh in May, a spiritual encounter that I can’t really explain – but it was very real, and I had a distinct sense that things were going to be ‘shook up’.  They were.

God led Phil and I to Dorset! I KNOW! Crazy times!

This is how it happened; I had a phone call from a good friend of mine, who read me out a job description over the phone.  It was an advert for a music minister in a church.  The job description was everything I do and everything I love, you’d think it was written with me in mind.

I had been praying and hoping for an opportunity like this for as long as I had known that singing and music were my ministry.  So I had been waiting for 20 years!!

I almost disregarded the whole thing – but something in me wouldn’t allow me to let it go.  I decided to get some more information about the post, and after much praying and a phone call to the minister there – I decided to apply.

My interview lasted 3 hours and 15 minutes, it all seemed very positive and my visit to the church only brought feelings of welcome, positivity, and a resounding ‘Yes’ from both Phil and myself.

We had prayed so much into this and every answer seemed to be so clear, that this was God’s direction for us.  Anyway, after about a week I heard from the church minister, who offered me the position!

So, as of September, I have been serving as ‘minister of music’ at St Nicholas church, Corfe Mullen.

Corfe Mullen is a lovely little village in Dorset, not far from Poole and Bournemouth.  Which is the reason why I almost disregarded the position completely.

I didn’t want to move so far away from home.  We had plans to become foster carers for Sunderland Council (which we would have been approved by now and fostering!). Phil was happy in his job and had recently been promoted, I was happy running my own teaching business and was very attached to my students after teaching them for many years.  We also didn’t want to leave the D.V.P community choir, which I had set up a couple of years ago.  We both miss all those special people.

We did not plan to have our lives turned upside down like this, or to move away, but God had other plans.  We were quite happy doing what we were doing, exactly where we were – but – God made His direction clear and we just had to go.

It was horrible to say goodbye to very much-loved friends and family, and to leave a church that I have been part of for 26 years – but it had to be done.

We have been here living in Bournemouth for 2 months now and honestly – though we miss people and places – we have no regrets.  We are so happy because we know 100% that we are where God wants us to be.

He has provided for us in amazing ways.  We had no money for moving, and the costs of deposits etc on our new place in Bournemouth – were extortionate.  What we had to pay up front just for our new rented house, would have paid the mortgage at home for a year!  What we paid for our house on a monthly basis wouldn’t get you a shed here – honestly the prices here are unbelievable. God heard our prayers though – and we were given money which paid those fees in total.  We were also given the money to pay the removal company.  Honestly – we were facing an impossible task and God made it possible.  From heavens perspective our problems probably look much smaller than from our perspective.  No doubt – He provided for our very real needs.  We are so thankful.

We still had a problem though, as Phil had not yet been able to find a job down here and we could not afford to pay to keep a roof over our heads with only my salary.  So we took a terrifying step in coming down here, knowing we’d potentially be unable to pay our way.  God had that in his hands also – and within a month here – Phil was working.  Thanks be to God!! (see, I sound like an Anglican already!!)

There are countless other ‘little’ things which have been provided, fixed, and assured by God.  It’s been quite a journey and we feel so thankful, and so very enamored with our new church and the new home we have.  I finally feel I can fully exercise the ministry which God has been preparing me for, and so far I am feeling so blessed – even when it’s been hard.  Phil is also loving the new church and is getting fully involved there.

It’s been a massive upheaval in so many ways, but it has taught us so much already in terms of faith and reliance on God.  We do miss people we love a lot, and even though Dorset is beautiful – my favorite place is Seaham – and I miss it.

So that’s it!  It’s only the tip of the iceberg but it gives you an idea of why I’ve been ‘missing’ from cyber updating!  I aim to get back on top of it and be more regular in my updates.

Hope life is happy and good for all of you.


Video blog – 2

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Hi there Folks


Well – here it is … the second of my video blogs playing and giving a bit of a background to my song ‘Fragile Dreams’.  Enjoy and share!


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Update – May 2012!

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Hi there Peeps,

Just here to update you on a few things!  I am going to post a series of video blogs online (youtube/facebook/  These blogs are basically me explaining my songs and performing them too!  I will be posting one song a week until I run out of material!!  So, if you like my music and want to know more about it – keep your cyber eyes on my sites!

I hope all is well in your world.  Things in my world are as busy as ever but it’s all good!  Had a few gigs lately, and a few more coming in at the moment so things there are ticking along o.k!  I could always fit some more in though, so if you know of anyone who is looking for some music for an event – point them in my direction please?!

I am going to make a point of updating my blog/website etc more regularly from now on.  I aim to update my cyber world hopefully twice a month – but at the least – once a month.  So feel free to keep checking all the Jayne Lewis ‘portals’ more regularly!


You can find me and my music at  –  Information/videos/music store   – to listen to, and buy all my music  – where you’ll also find my weekly video blog


I rarely visit myspace anymore though so you’re more likely to contact me and keep up to date via facebook or my .com site.

You can also search ‘Jayne Lewis Music’ on youtube too, there are lots of videos there!

Aside from gigging, I’ve been recording some more music in my studio.  Both for myself, and with some of my highly talented voice pupils.  Love it!  If you want to hear any of it – go to bandcamp …. it’s all there!

Apart from that I’ve been doing my usual voice and piano tuition and more examining work this last term – which I love!  Life is going to get more busy in this coming year though, I feel another exciting chapter opening up for us.  Can’t wait!

As always, living with M.E/C.F.S poses a permanent challenge and drain of my energy.  I’m not complaining though, as I manage to function fairly well for the most part.  Though if I try to do too much – I really know about it for weeks afterwards!  I just have to be careful and pace myself to avoid the ‘boom and bust’ syndrome.

My first book, ‘Inspired, Challenged, Devoted’ was received very well last summer and sold out at the keswick convention!  I was over the moon, lots more were ordered after the convention too –  I have very few left now, so get ordering at if you don’t want to miss out!  I may even try to write another one before the summer is out!

So, keep in touch – keep visiting my sites for the latest news and music, and of course – to check out my series of video blogs!

Take Care


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I know I know! It’s been too long!

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Well here I am for the first time in ages.  Life is busy – what can I say!

If you didn’t already know, I now have three albums for sale through this website – you can also buy my music through bandcamp – which I’d recommend for ‘Orange Sky’ as I have next to no copies of that actual c.d left!  The bandcamp page is still under construction so not all the tracks are available yet – keep an eye on it, and you should soon be able to get all my music digitally online!

I also have taken the leap into writing in this past year, producing my own devotional journal.  So get buying!!

I am busy updating all my sites so give them a visit over the next week or so to see what’s new – I’ll be posting a few gigs up as well – please support live music and the artists you like, by going to see live gigs!

Hope my lovely readers and supporters are happy and well!

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Keep on!

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Henry Ford – who invented the automobile, went broke five times before he succeeded in business.

Fred Astaire – the great dancer, took a screen test at MGM. A studio memo reported he was slightly bald, could not act & could dance a little.

Louisa May Alcott – great author who wrote the popular book Little Women, after multiple failures thought she would abandon the idea of being a writer & become a seamstress instead.

Walt Disney – was fired by a newspaper for a lack of ideas & went bankrupt several times before building Disneyland.

Enrico Caruso – parents believed a voice teacher who said he had no future in music, he simply could not sing at all. He did not believe the teacher & became one of the most famous opera singers in the world.

Theodore Roosevelt – suffered the deaths of both his mother & his wife on the same day in 1884 before he became a war hero & a very popular president of the United States.

John Wesley – the founder of Methodism, was often ask to not return to churches after preaching in them once. When he preached on the streets, townspeople kicked him out. When he preached in a meadow, people turned a bull loose on him. But later, because he refused to give up, he preached in a pasture & ten thousand people came to hear him.

Just a few of thousands of great stories to encourage you to KEEP FIGHTING FOR YOUR DREAMS. AND DON’T GIVE UP! You may need to adjust, adapt, OR change alignments – but don’t stop now.

It may be your fourth quarter in life but many games, battles & life accomplishments have come with wise assessments and another try!



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a Brief update

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A bit of an update

Hi folks – just to let you know I have now finished my book!  It’s at the printers now!  I’ve been furiously writing for the past few weeks and now it’s all about to come together – quite exciting!

So if you know any young Christian women you’d like to encourage then why not buy them a devotional journal – from me!!


Now that the book is completed I’m now back to furiously mixing and getting my next c.d ‘The Ordinary Things’ all done and dusted.  It’s sounding quite nice, and the band are doing well in learning the songs in preparation for the upcoming gigs we have.


It’s all go go go!!


So please buy the book and c.d from me, or come to a gig!  If you have pre-ordered already, I’ll be in touch soon to arrange delivery etc.


In other news, I have done a fair bit of examining now for the London College of Music – I am LOVING it!  Very tiring and hard work, but SO fun and rewarding at the same time.


We have eventually got Phil’s flat rented out – which we are very happy about.


We have a few gigs coming up, when I’ve got details i’ll post them on and facebook – please come along and support us.


I’ll also be singing and assisting the worship leader at Keswick (convention)  again this year – 16th to 22nd July,  Very happy and excited to be back!


Anyway – just wanted to keep it brief.


Be in touch!




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