The latest news, May 2011

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Hi everybody!

In a nutshell, as briefly as I can put it – Here’s the news!!! (I will elaborate etc when I’ve got a little more time but here’s the jist of it for now!)

Firstly, check my websites, and  To hear new music and to see pictures, and videos.

Wait a couple of days though, as I’m about to do some updating on these sites!

There are two things I want to draw your attention to ….

Firstly, I have a new album coming out in July 2011!

It is called ‘the ordinary things’ and is an album which I have produced and written myself.  It contains songs which are about the ordinary everyday things, and experiences, we all come across.  It is not so much an overtly spiritual album (as my previous two were), though there are obvious Christian references and influence. It is more of a look at the normal everyday experiences and feelings which are common to man.


The album will be £8 to buy (incl p&p), and you can buy when it is out, via my website (it’s not on the site yet though – it will be in July!).   Or even better – pre-order now, by emailing me via any of my sites.  It will also be on sale at the Keswick convention this summer (though it would be better if you buy it from me personally!)

Secondly, I am writing a short book!

It is untitled at the moment but it is basically a 30 day devotional book AND a journal in one!  A devotional journal! When I was in my late teens I found that most of the devotional material I came across was either not challenging, or too academic/theological for me.  For about 10 years I have wanted to write something that would challenge, inspire and build up young Christian women.  Now is the time I’ve finally decided to do it!

Writing (other than songwriting) is a very new venture for me, so that’s why I’m keeping this book short – if it gets a good response – I’ll write some more!

I have always found journaling my thoughts, prayers and responses to Biblical teaching – a very useful and affirming thing to do.  So I wanted to combine a devotional time with a time of reflection, in this little book.

The book will be out in July and will be £5. You can buy from the website In July, or pre-order now by getting back to me.  This will also be available at Keswick – again it’s better to buy from me personally!

Anyway, I think that’s enough from me for now – do get back to me to pre-order your albums or to order devotional journals for the young Christian women you know!

I’ll look forward to hearing from you, and I hope you are all happy and well!

Take care


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Jan 2011

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Hi there People!

I hope life is well for you all and that you are looking forward to a happy and healthy 2011!

I know, once again it’s been too long – Sorry!  It’s been a very busy time since my last entry on here.  I’ve had lots of performances, work, and other things on – which has taken up a lot of my time!

I haven’t even had time to update my sites with all of the gigs I’ve been doing, I really need to try and keep on top of that this year.

Christmas and New Year were great for us – nice and chilled, with family and good friends – as it should be!

The singing group I set up about a year ago, Dawdon Vocal Project, had its first performance just before Christmas – they were very good, I was so pleased – as were they.  They made a brilliant sound and even have wedding bookings now!

Our lovely cat ‘Ella’ sadly went to sleep at the end of October – which was horrible and very sad for us – I still miss her.   She was a funny, lovely and quirky cat, but a poorly girl towards the end.  I hope she’s resting peacefully now.

For Christmas we got a Tibetan terrier, who we named ‘Holly’, she’s a character and she’s lovely.  We’re happy to have her in the family, ‘Billy’ (our Greyhound) is mildly amused by her I think.  Well he’s happier about her than he was about the cat anyway!

Church is going through a massive time of adjustment at the moment – we have lost all three of our pastors and our Worship team co-ordinator.  Myself and another guy from church have agreed to look after the music team for the moment – but everything is really up in the air right now.  Although it’s all confusing, it is a potentially very exciting time of change for the church.  I’m praying that the future will be full of Godly purpose, passion and integrity for Bethany – and also for those who have left us to pursue God’s purposes for them elsewhere.

For 2011, I’m hoping for good health (of body and soul), a great year of music making, stability for our church, and above all else – to know and love God more.

As always – keep an eye on …,,

For music, photos, videos and gig listings.  You can contact me via any of these pages for any more information.

Thanks for reading and keep in touch!


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another update!

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Hi there folks,

Hope you are all happy and well!  Thought I’d fill you all in on what’s being going on – it’s been a while!

Firstly, since winning that contest a few months ago – the gig’s have been coming in steadily – so I’m busier performing – which is great!  Keep an eye on my various pages for details of my concerts/gigs.

I had a mad week a few weeks back where I had 8 performances in 7 days! It was so busy – but good!  One of the performances was at the Keswick Convention – I was so pleased to be there after missing out last year because of the swine flu!

I performed ‘Forever Yours’ solo, in the evening meeting to a packed tent (Approx 3,000 people).  I‘ve never played piano and sung one of my own songs, and done it alone, in front of that many people – my hands were shaking so badly! It went really well though – judging by the applause.

Then it was off to the Youth tent to play a song there – for which I had my band with me.  It was our first public performance as a band (I usually just perform solo) and it was well received – poor Dave (drummer) had to use a left handed kit though!  He did very well!

We had a gig the following afternoon (with Dave on a normal kit!), which went well despite having to use ‘in ear’ monitors (which I hate – it’s like performing in a box – sound wise speaking!).  People seemed to enjoy it, and also the gig at Sweeney’s (Jazz/easy listening) was very well attended and went very well!

So things are looking up on the music/performance side of things!

Also, I mentioned ages and ages ago, that exciting things were happening and I didn’t want to give details, just incase it fell through.  Well, as I suspected, so far one of those things is just a ‘dangling carrot’ for the moment (but I will NOT give up!).  However, one of the other things has happened!  I was looking into becoming an examiner for the London College of Music, I had an interview, had some training ……. and I was appointed!  I am still going to have some further training to get more experience on a wider variety of instruments – but I’m an examiner now!  It’s scary, daunting, hard work but I’ve a feeling I’m going to LOVE IT!

I went to Holland just a couple of weeks ago too, volunteering as an additional youth leader on our Church youth mission trip.  It was an experience!!  I used to be a youth leader in the church years ago, but then had to drop out due to other commitments.  This was my first real involvement with youth work since then.

The first big surprise was that we had to cycle everywhere.  We did not know this in advance, so the unfit among us were a little shocked.  Thankfully Holland is flat! So the cycling wasn’t too much of a trial, except everything is on the wrong side of the road and the road markings are different and hard to understand!

The activities in the week were varied and mostly fun, although the pace was a little tough, very long and tiring days!  I got ill after a few days and had to spend a couple of days in bed – which was so frustrating, I felt so ill and useless.  Thankfully I recovered quickly and was able to join in for the last couple of days.

We met some great people and saw some lovely places.  I also got to know our young people a little better – they are a really good bunch.  I was really impressed with them, we can learn a lot from them …..

Anyway, life is busy and I’ve ranted for long enough, I have to go and work on my new e.p/mini album – watch this space!

Take care


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Singer/songwriter of the year – apparently!!

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I was part of a ‘battle of the singer/songwriters’ last weekend. sixteen hugely talented people from all over the north east were brought together by ‘Insangel’ and the three tuns in Gateshead.

I entered fully expecting to be home after the first round. That’s not quite how it worked out!

After each round the names of the people going through, were announced. My name was amongst them – every time!

I was amazed as the standard was hugely high, in particular, Richard Gardner, Rob Waters, Joanne from Chrome attic, and four star heroes – were all fantastic vocally and musically. There were lots of other amazing artists too, I just didn’t catch their names.

We were there from 1 pm till 12 midnight, listening to some fantastically talented people.

At around 11.15 pm the winner was announced – the winner was ME!!!!! I was, and still am, amazed, grateful, encouraged and lots of other feelings!

I feel so privileged to have been part of it, I’m still buzzing about the fact I was picked as the winner. Singer/songwriter of the year! (According to ‘Insangel’ and the three tuns!)

I have always felt extremely lacking, especially in terms of guitar skills (I’m not a guitarist!) and I’ve never really known whether my songs have any real strength. I’ve just done what i’ve done because I love it – it has been amazing to me to see/hear peoples response to what I performed on sunday.

If you were there, and took the time to encourage me – thanks so much – it has been hugely appreciated. I have been on the verge of giving up for quite a while now …….. this has really helped to drive me on!


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The latest!

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Well hello there Folks, It’s been a while since I’ve updated you all on what’s going on in the life of Jayne Lewis! So here I am.

Firstly I’m thankful that since my last entry here, I’ve had a fair few more ‘gig’ opportunities, which I’ve really enjoyed. It’s been great to be doing more in terms of performance – I’m happy and grateful for that. If you want to know what I’ve been doing, and what’s coming up – check my events page and myspace/facebook pages too. If you can get along to any of the events/gigs, please do come – it’d be great to see you there!

A recent highlight was the CCCF rally in Malvern (Worcestershire). Where (joined by Phil on bass) I played to a bunch of lovely people, some of my own stuff, and some covers too, it was fun to make the audience my ‘backing choir’ too for one of the songs. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was so touched by how we were received there.

I’m also rehearsing regularly with my own band now, which is great! I have Phil on bass and Dave on drums, and we’re looking into possibilities with a guitarist/backing singer too. It’s all working fairly well so far, I’m feeling very blessed ‘musically’ speaking at the moment!

Also there’s been a few new songs recently too, which you can hear rough demo’s of on myspace or on my facebook ‘music’ page. It’s so great to have more positive things to report!

It’s also been two years now since Phil and I got married – it’s FLOWN by!

Marriage is both a blessing and a trial, the majority of the time it’s a huge blessing to me though …… the few times of trial (which I’m assured all marriages go through) are generally just down to mood/attitude/self centeredness – or are due to external factors. Going through those times and being vulnerable enough to remove ‘masks’, and be absolutely real with another person, is scary – but it’s also liberating to be that real with someone, yet be loved and accepted in spite of what you reveal.

I mentioned AGES ago that there were some exciting things possibly in the pipeline, that I didn’t want to say too much about – incase it didn’t happen. Well one of those things I can now reveal!

I have been teaching for 11 years now, and have been entering students for voice/piano exams for about 7 years. Whenever I go to the exams with my students I always envy the examiner. I Think to myself …. “How lovely it must be for you to sit there all day and be played to/performed to/sung to …. for you to be able to encourage the student by crediting them for all they did that was brilliant … to give constructive feedback on areas they can improve …. I’d love your job!”

Well, after an interview with the London College of Music – that job is closer to being mine! I am now an ‘Examiner in Training’ and provided I complete the training satisfactorily – i will be an examiner! Whoop! I’m very excited!

Healthwise things are picking up too, I’m having a healthier 2010 so far. Just a couple of blips on the health radar so far this year – I’m so thankful for that. It’s awful feeling poorly for most of the time – so I’m glad to be freer of that at the moment …. I’m praying it continues!

Another exciting thing is that I’ve started up a Vocal Project in my local area. It’s not a ‘choir’ (the word choir summons negative stereotypes for some people) it’s called Dawdon Vocal Project (DVP). I started it up, obviously because I LOVE singing and vocal harmony, but also because this area (the physical area where I live) is a bit rough and worn down. There are a lot of derelict houses, police riot van visits, people up to no good etc etc – you get the idea.

I wanted to set something up that would get people away from the T.V, out of their homes, meeting new people and gaining a sense of self esteem, and doing something positive, fun, and affirming. So far it’s going GREAT!! I was so worried the first week that no-one would come – there were twenty five people there!! Numbers have dropped a bit but there’s still enough to make a beautiful sound. I’m so glad, and so proud of how well they’re all doing.

I think that’s enough info for now – check out my other pages, I’ve been updating things, also check out myspace and facebook to hear some of my more recent ‘creations’.

Thanks for reading – be in touch

Jayne =^)

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More information!!

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Hello there people!

Hope life is going well for you all, Mine is going o.k at the moment.

I’m slightly frustrated at the lack of opportunity and the brick walls I keep hitting when it comes to music performance and album sales. As you’ll know if you’ve been up to date with my blogging, we spent a lot of money which we couldn’t afford on making ‘exactly where I am’. The launch of the album coincided with me being quite ill, so I was unable to promote it at the various events I was supposed to be at, this must have had an effect on sales. Also Wesley Owen kindly offered to sell the album at the Keswick Convention, they sold a lot of stock, then went into administration. We may never be paid the money for the c.d’s purchased there. So we are significantly out of pocket!

It seems so unfair (and I know I sound like a child when I say that) we took a financial risk we couldn’t afford, and through no fault of our own, circumstances have decided to be against us. What was the point? We took a step of faith and it seems there was no solid ground to walk on. I’m really hoping and praying that things turn around, I am so reluctant now to pursue music further, and in the same way – as it seems to be not worth it.

I am questioning whether I ever had it right when I thought music was the path God had for me. Yet his leading seemed so clear to me – when I think back on it … it still seems crystal clear. So why does it seem so futile? Maybe it’s the case that my time has been and gone (in terms of music). I hope it’s not the case but circumstances seem to indicate it’s the end.

One or two people are telling me not to give up – to keep investing in it, but I’ve already given so much to it (time energy and money!) – I don’t want to keep giving myself to ‘flogging a dead horse’ if you know what I mean. AaAArrrggghhhh!!

Anyway, I didn’t come on here for a whinge!!

Positive things …….

Cutting down on work has given me much more time and freedom to write/record and spend time talking to God – which has been brilliant. My less busy life is much calmer and less stressed out. Which is exactly what we need!!

In general I’m loving life, and God, and Church – it’s just frustrating that musical opportunity seems to be a little dried up!

Having said that, I have got a few gigs coming up – check out my events box! I’ve a jazz/soul night in London in Feb, plus two private gigs (which aren’t posted) in the next few months. A festival in June and I’m playing at the Rainton meadows arena for an event in March. If any of you can make any of those I’d really appreciate the support, or if you think your Church might like to have me as a guest for Singer/songwriter loveliness, or for a bit of jazz and soul, contact me!!

I have information, songs, videos and methods of contacting me on:

Please, if you have the time, go and check out these pages – if you like what you see/hear – spread the word!!



The latest, brace yourselves … it’s a long one!

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Well Hello there people! It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on what’s happening, so here I am to fill you in!

I had a busy month or so with a few different things happening. I travelled to Stoke to do my interview and songs on the Rimmerama show for Cross Rhythms radio (you can download the interview and songs free from itunes). That was quite fun, although the journey home was nightmare, never trust a sat nav when you know that you know better!

I also had a couple of performances at the Salvation Army and at an awards ceremony for a London Exam board.

I led Worship and did a concert at ‘Keswick in Lichfield’, which was good. It’s basically like a mini Keswick convention that isn’t in Keswick!

I’ve been up and down to Sheffield a couple of times too in my ‘ambassador’ capacity for City Hearts. I got to meet some of the girls the organisation works with, and saw a little of the kind of work they do to help these young women get back on their feet after all kinds of traumas. It’s a privilege to be a part of it.

It has been quite a scary but exciting time lately. It’s the first term I have not been working in a school/college and I was curious to see what would happen as a result of me taking time out. It has been INCREDIBLE!

It has been (and still can be) scary in terms of finances, and the career risk etc but so far I’m not regretting any of it. I have been able to spend time just slowing down and re-focussing on what is truly important. Namely, being God’s child and living in relationship with Him. He has blessed me in ways I really didn’t expect and I’m so thankful. The time I’ve been able to spend just talking to God and listening to Him have made such a HUGE difference in my day to day life, and He’s really answering my prayers in HUGE and AMAZING ways! I’m so thankful!

He’s opening career doors I didn’t expect and is resurrecting creative ideas I thought had died long ago. I don’t want to say too much about these things as not all of them are definite as yet, although they appear to be! When I have definite confirmations I’ll spill the beans but till then you’ll just have to be in suspense!

There are things which aren’t entirely going to plan (that is, my plan), but when it comes to some things I can be incredibly impatient and stubborn, and can get easily frustrated. I’m learning to chill and relax more, after all When has God not been in control? Things get confusing and frustrating when I try and impose my own agenda and time frame, so I’m learning to relax and to not stress about things.
Above all I’m incredibly thankful to God for keeping me as I’ve changed direction and taken a step of faith in leaving solid reliable employment. I am thankful that I have a husband who understands and is supportive and is just generally ‘great’ to me.

Another MASSIVE thing is that over the past year or two I have been battling with significant ‘giants’ from the past as well. To be quite honest, this has been one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to face – it’s brought me incredibly low and produced an overwhelming amount of anxiety in me. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get through it, but it came to a point where I knew I had to face it no matter what the implications were for myself, or for others. It’s not so hard to face and conquer ‘giants’ like these when you can do it without involving, and potentially hurting, other people. However this issue was a deep-rooted one which did involve other people.

The hardest things I’ve ever had to do, and the hardest conversations I’ve ever had to have – have all taken place in these last few months. It has been agonising, draining, terrifying – and God has worked awesome miracles of healing through it. I have been suffering for years with burdens that were not mine to carry, I have felt pain and confusion over situations that were hugely unfair.

God brought me to a place where I could not stand under it any longer, so I was brought to my knees and I cried to Him. I confessed that I could not control the situation and was hopeless. He gave me the solution and he gave me the strength to pursue it. I had no other choice, I had come to the end of myself.

I am so grateful that I did. He used that situation to lift a twenty year old, heavy burden from me. He was in the conversations that needed to be had, he provided the right words which brought healing to more than just me (I believe).

I feel free … in a way that is totally new. I don’t feel I have to hide, or be ashamed or feel laden with guilt anymore. God has set me free, and I’m so thankful. I’m as light as a feather and those issues will never get to me again.

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Radio appearance 17th Sept!

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Jayne is being interviewed and is playing live on cross rhythms radio tonight at around 7.10pm listen in at

Go on, you know you want to!

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Hi People!

Just here with a quick update as to what’s been going on recently. After recovering from my summer bout of illness I am feeling much better and more rested now, especially since I have cut down dramatically the amount of work I’m doing. My working hours are much easier for me to handle now, and it leaves me free to pursue other things … which I’m loving!

I’ve got a few music related things coming up which you can check out on my facebook pages and on my myspace page if you want more details. In a nutshell I’ve got a radio interview and songs at Cross rhythms, plus a couple of slots at some coming music/band nights. I also have an awards ceremony to perform at in a few weeks, as a music exam I took had the highest result in the region! Which means I get to perform and be presented with a trophy!! Exciting stuff!

I am thinking about the next musical project as well … so watch this space!


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The latest news ….

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Hi there People

Well brace yourselves … this will probably be a long one!! There is a lot to catch you up on!!! So get yourself a cup of tea and a biscuit and relax!

Here I go … the new album ‘Exactly where I am’ was recorded in March, a few months were spent mixing, tweaking, mastering, sorting out publishing/copyright issues, sorting out design, text and layout, and now – finally it’s here!! The official release date was 11th July 2009 – 5 years after my debut album ‘Orange Sky’.

The album was recorded in about 8 days, in my spare bedroom at my house!! I had done some prep myself with midi piano and string parts etc, then Bruce (Pont) came up with his expertise, his gear and his magic and did the technical hard work!!

We spent a few days tidying up midi issues, and adding string parts, drums, percussion and my guitars. Then we got Matt Stalker in to do some beautiful extra guitar parts (including electric guitar) and the amazing Joss Elliot played upright and electric bass. It was amazing to see how it all came together. It was frustrating at times, and a lot of hard work … especially for Bruce who hardly slept making sure everything was just right. Unfortunately I had a few issues with my voice … by the time it got to me doing the vocals it was day seven and I was exhausted, and vocally you could tell. So I had to re-record about half of the tracks myself at a later date when I was more rested and capable!

Then there was a long process of mixing the album, which Bruce did a great job of, then off to Luke (Fellingham) for the mastering.

Then of course I had to arrange the duplication etc.

There is so much more to making an album independently than I first thought (that is if you do it properly). You have to make sure all publishing is in order and your songs need certain codes embedded into them and your album needs a code etc … it’s all a stressful and complicated thing. Next time I’m sure I’ll find it easier though, now that I know what the process is. I even had to set up my own record label which, again is a big stress and a lot of work but it’s done!! Whoop I am a record label owner!!!

I had a launch gig at Houghton Dance Academy (who are incredible) on the 11th July. Which went quite well, I was joined by Matt stalker, Phil Smith and Chris Hedley who contributed with guitar and voice, double bass and percussion. They (staff at the academy) had set the room up beautifully with little tables and candles, twinkly lights in a black backdrop, a video montage of artwork they had made for me. We brought a really old fashioned lamp (Matt’s) and a rug (my Mam’s) for the stage which basically made the stage look like your grandma’s living room … it looked incredible! Everyone who came seemed to have a good night, and we (the band) enjoyed ourselves too. I’ll try and get some photo’s or videos up on here soon.

The next part of my exciting story is a big disappointment. I was due to sing at the Keswick convention (week 2) last week, supporting Steve James in leading worship. The morning I was due to go I woke up feeling really ill, but I packed and went anyway, telling myself I had allergies and that I’d improve as the day went on. I didn’t, I got much worse. I went to the tent for practice and was told to go back to my guest house room and stay there till I was feeling better. I was so upset and frustrated that I couldn’t do what I was there to do, plus I had been preparing for it and looking forward to it for ages. I did as I was told anyway and went back to my room – where I stayed for the next three days, alone and ill.

It was horrible, the question of swine flu was raised and I was adamant I didn’t have it, but it turns out I did have it (and am still recovering) so I was told I couldn’t be allowed back to the tent to sing even if I felt better, as the risk of me passing it on to a lot of vulnerable people was too great. Which I totally understood, but it didn’t make it any less devastating for me that I couldn’t be there. I mean … why of all weeks did it have to hit me then? I had three other concert/appearances planned that week as well to promote the new album. I had a short set and possible interview after one of the evening meetings, an afternoon concert (with my band) and a jazz night at one of the local bars. I had to pull out of them all. Big opportunities missed – gutted. Ultimately though I love being there to Worship and help others do the same. I was there first and foremost to enjoy God and to spend my time praising Him and assisting others to do the same the best way I can. I’m so annoyed and confused by the fact that I couldn’t. Although right now what I’m feeling is disappointment, I know God has a plan, I know He has a bigger plan and what I’m feeling now is nothing compared with the magnificence, greatness and kindness of His ultimate grand plan.

So I had to come home, where I have been, locked away from people since leaving Keswick last week. I am still feeling rough … existing health problems make it hard for me to shake things off so It’ll probably take me a while to recover properly. Then I plan on spending a lot of time talking to God and just being with Him, seeing what he has in store for me in the immediate future.

I left my job at Emmanuel college a couple of weeks ago. I had been working there for 5 or 6 years teaching singing and directing their choirs. It was a big risk to leave, both professionally and financially but it needed to be done… it was time to move on. You see, when I do something I want to be the best I can possibly be at it, for my peace of mind and for the benefit of others …in this case – my students. I don’t understand teachers who don’t do the best they can do for their students, it just shows a lack of care for others and a lack of self respect as well. Anyway, I have spent the last 6 to 8 years trying to be the best teacher I can be, but realised recently that doing that took up so much of my time that I have neglected other things which are really important to me. I love helping my students to fulfill their potential and to reach for their dreams but I realised that I’m not ready to give up on my own God given dreams. I have always had a passion for music and singing, and my drive to be the best teacher I can be squeezed out my time and drive to become the best singer, songwriter and musician I can be. I just don’t want to be sitting in that room at Emmanuel aged fifty thinking that I wish I’d tried while I was still young and brave enough! Better to take the risk, and risk failing than to stay safe and secure in something that’s easy, safe and secure! John Ortberg (I think?) said ‘If you want to walk on water, you’ve got to step out of the boat’. I’m stepping out and I’m well aware of the risk personally (my dreams might fail), financially (how will we cope loosing this much income), and professionally (I could loose out as a singing teacher in the long run). I’m taking that risk and I’m trusting God to hold me in all things. If I’ve made a mistake He’ll sustain me and provide – He has never let me down yet. if I haven’t made a mistake then I’m looking forward to the exciting adventure to come.

I think I’ve rambled on enough for now … I’ll leave it there

Thanks for reading


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