Inspired, Challenged, Devoted

‘Inspired, Challenged, Devoted’ is the new devotional journal by Jayne, written specifically for young women.

“Aimed at young women – but no doubt with wider appeal, this devotional/journal has 30 writings from the British singer, songwriter and worship leader.  It explores various topics, printed alongside blank lined pages for the reader to jot down her own thoughts.

Scripture passages and prayers are suggested at the start and end of each of Jayne’s pieces. The issues covered include prayer, focus, listening to God, worship, insecurity, being gracious, persevering, pursuing dreams, and disappointment.

A quirky but attractive pastel colour cover captures the feel of the contents, with a bird, tree and butterflies and the butterfly design being carried over to every blank page inside.

Jayne says that she has benefited hugely from the wise counsel of Christians – and wishes, in this devotional, to challenge and inspire others to follow God.

This is a good resource and an antidote to the temptation to live life solely on the basis of emotions – and to live life in all its fullness.”

- Reviewed for cross rhythms by Helen Dean