The Ordinary Things

‘The ordinary things’

The new album by Jayne,  released in September 2011! 

Here’s a very nice review by ‘the crack’ magazine …..

“Jayne Lewis is a local singer/songwriter and her latest album is an essay in love and longing and shot through with hope. Her pop-infused, acoustic folk is beamed in from the sunny side of the street and her voice quivers with a quiet strength that is perfectly suited to these songs which find the light amongst any darkness.

Lewis has won praise for the religious nature of her songs (she’s a committed Christian) but this album isn’t overtly religious; more a paean to the power of love.”

Here’s another lovely review by Helen Dean for cross rhythms ….

“ Jayne is of course, well known as a worship leader through such events as Keswick, and this is her third album.

She has written, arranged and played/programmed all the tracks here, save for percussion on three songs. The quirky hand-drawn artwork by Ian Murray and Joanne Griffiths and the handwritten notes from Jayne add to the warm, friendly feel of the project.

As the title may suggest, this album is about life and love and is not specifically Christian in content although God’s love is clearly suggested in “If There Is No You” and “Open Me”.

Pure, clear-as-a-bell vocals are allied to a sweet acoustic musical sound styled from near-folk to blues/jazz through to soft pop.

“Sweetest Torture” with its jazz club feel is a particular standout.

Looking back on past love, “Do You Ever? (No Regret)” is a song tinged with sadness but also with hope.

Overall the CD is gentle and positive, casting a warm glow around ‘The Ordinary Things’ of life.”